Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Tigo Rwanda Donates Cows to Gatsibo Genocide Survivors

On Tuesday, 21 June, a team of 38 members of the Tigo Finance Department donated three Friesian cattle along with their paddocks to three families of survivors in Kiramuruzi Sector, Gatsibo District, Eastern Province in a ceremony that was attended by local officials and area residents. 

The donation of cattle to the three families is part of the ‘Tigo 100 Days of Love’ initiative that comprises of a series of activities to build partnerships with the local community during this year’s genocide commemoration period.

The aim of the Tigo 100 Days of Love is to remember and honour the lives that were lost in the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi while helping to support those who survived. As part of this commemoration on 5, May Tigo Rwanda senior management, unveiled a solar power system that they donated to the Bisesero Genocide Memorial in Karongi District, Western Province. Furthermore, on 15 April, Tigo held night vigil for all staff in order to commemorate the lives lost.  

Tigo 100 day campaign dubbed ‘The 100 Days of Love’ is a continuation of the commemoration activities of previous years that included providing shelter to widows, supporting orphanages and giving livestock to survivors across the country.

Before the donation of cattle, the Tigo team visited the Kizuguro Genocide Memorial to pay their respects to the over 11,000 innocent people buried there.

Speaking after handing over the donation, Tigo Rwanda Chief Finance Officer, Yaw Frimpong said: “Tigo started the 100 Days of Love campaign to commemorate the lives lost in the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi; it is in this vein that we travelled here to handover these cows to the three families. As a company, Tigo understands that sustainable development and economic self-reliance can only occur when everyone is empowered and supported”.
After the handover the Vice Mayor of Gatsibo District in charge of social affairs and development, Yvette Dusenge, commented: “This donation should be an example to others. We are pleased that this donation came about after discussions between Tigo, district authorities and the survivors themselves. We are very thankful for this donation of cattle because it is in tandem with the Government of Rwanda’s One Cow per Family initiative”.

Two of the beneficiaries, namely Chantal Cyamuresire, aged 23, and Innocent Niyonzima, aged 30’, were overjoyed by the donation from Tigo Rwanda.

“I am very thankful that you thought of me”, Cyamuresire told the Tigo team. “There is nothing I can give back to you except ask God to continue blessing you all”, she said.

Commenting on how the cow that he was given will change his life for the better, Niyonzima, who lost his parents and two siblings in the Genocide, said that his farm would produce a bigger harvest because of the manure he will use while the milk the cow produced will provide nutrition and income for his young family.

#100DaysOfLove Activities

7th April: Tigo Rwanda started its 100 days series of activities with as theme ‘The 100 Days of Love’
April 9th: Tigo Staff joins the rest of the country in the Walk to Remember and night of vigil at Amahoro Stadium.
April 15th: The management and staff of Tigo Rwanda, along with by Hon. Minister Jean Philbert Nsengimana, Youth& ICT,  gathered at the Tigo Headquarters in Muhima for a night vigil where the movie “Kinyarwanda” was screened.
May 5th: Tigo Rwanda donated a solar power system to the Bisesero Genocide memorial worth Frw 4.5 million, which includes lighting arresters, solar panels, wiring, and installation costs to light the nine separate buildings that make up the Bisesero Genocide Memorial.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

New ‘Double-Double’ 4G promotion proves that Tigo Rwanda continues to lead the way on 4G LTE

After years of Rwandans only being able to enjoy 2G and 3G networks on their mobile handsets, Tigo launched the very first 4G LTE for mobile in September 2015. With the Tigo 4G LTE network, customers are now able to enjoy download speeds four to five times faster than normal 3G networks.  Putting this into perspective, downloading a 10-minute video clip on a 3G connection can take you up to 10 minutes; downloading the same clip on Tigo 4G LTE takes approximately 35 seconds. 

Today, Tigo is happy to announce a new daily, weekly and monthly promotion for its 4G customers, dubbed ‘DOUBLE-DOUBLE’ that gives customers up to double the previous 4GLTE resources they received previously.

All daily, weekly and monthly 4G LTE pack users will be able to access the ‘Double Double’ promotion.

  • The 4G Daily Pack,  at Frw 1,500,  gives customers 1.5GB. Formerly they received 1 GB.
  • The 4G Vuga Weekly Pack, at Frw 10,000, gives customers 14 GB. Formerly they received 7GB
  • The 4G Vuga Monthly Pack, at Frw 40,000, gives customers 60 GB. Formerly they received 30 GB  
  • The 4G Freedom Pack, at Frw 20,000, gives customers 10.5 GB. Formerly they received 7GB  
Commenting on the 4GLTE promotion, Tigo Rwanda Chief Executive Officer, Philip Amoateng said: “Our priority as Tigo is to give our customers products and offers that improve their lives. This promotion gives our 4GLTE customers increased data resources to surf more, download more and stream more. We at Tigo believe that Rwanda’s accelerated economic growth is, among other factors, facilitated through increased digital and financial inclusion. What we see as our role is to increase access to both.”

At the time that Tigo introduced 4GLTE on mobile last year, Internet penetration countrywide was 31 %; today, according to RURA figures, it has increased to 33 %.

About Tigo Rwanda

Currently, Tigo Rwanda has over three million customers and has invested over US $310 million from 2009 to date.   Tigo Rwanda is the only telecom to provide 4G LTE on mobile for both prepaid and post-paid customers.  Tigo Rwanda was awarded as the ‘Most Innovative Service’ at Africa Com 2014, for international mobile money transfers with integrated currency conversion between Tigo Rwanda and Tigo Tanzania as well as awarded for “Best ICT Exhibitor” at the Kigali Expo 2015.

Tigo Rwanda is owned by Millicom, a leading telecommunications and media company uniquely dedicated to emerging markets in Latin America and Africa. It provides mobile, mobile financial, cable and satellite services to over 60 million customers in fourteen countries, primarily under the Tigo brand. Tigo has been operating in Africa since 1993, in Rwanda since 2009, and serves over 26 million customers in Africa.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Ndashima Imana ko aya mafaranga yangiriye akamaro- Moussa

Nitwa Tuyisenge Moussa nkaba naratsinze muri Tigo Bonane y’umwaka ushize 2015, nkaba  naratsindiye miliyoni 5 icyo gihe. 

Tuyisenge Moussa ahabwa igihembo cye cya Miliyoni 5

Icyo aya mafaranga nakuye muri Tigo Bonane yamfashije ni ukwiguriramo akazu gaciriritse ka miliyoni 4 n’ibihumbi Magana atanu ubu nkaba nanjye narinjiye mu bantu batanye burundu n’ubukode. Nyuma yaho naje guha ku muvandimwe wanjye ndetse n’umubyeyi amafaranga ibihumbi magana atatu kugirango nawe yiteze imbere ubu akaba yarafunguye aka boutique acururizamo utuntu duciriritse, andi ibihumbi Magana abiri nanjye naje kuyikenuza ngura utuntu dutandukanye. 

Inzu Moussa yaguze

Moussa aho akorera akazi ke k'ubukanishi 
Moussa hamwe n'umubyeyi we yafashije kwiteza imbere

Ndashima imana cyane ko yamfashije aya mafaranga nakuye muri Tigo Bonane sinyatagaguze akaba yarangiriye akamaro ndetse n’umuryango wanjye. 

Icyo nabwira ubuyobozi bwa Tigo bwateguye iriya promosiyo nkuko nakomeje kubivuga ni ugukomeza kubashimira kuko nanubu byarandenze,  kuko Tigo yatumye ngera kuri byinshi ntarinziko nzageraho vuba bitewe nuko amikoro yanjye yari ameze. Icyo nashishikariza abantu ni ukugana Tigo kuko rwose ifasha abantu  mu buzima busanzwe bwo guhamagara kuko ibiciro biba bihendutse, ikindi kandi bita ku bakiliya babo ndetse bakabafasha kwiteza imbere, mbese muri make Tigo yita ku bakiliya bayo rwose ku buryo bugaragara cyane ku ruhande rwanjye nkaba navuga ko rwose irenze iyindi mirongo.