Thursday, May 21, 2015

SAVE and EARN with Tigo Sugira

What is Tigo Sugira?
It is Rwanda’s very FIRST Mobile saving account which allows you to deposit and withdraw without any charge, while earning 7% interest per year on any amount of money saved.

How can you open your Tigo Sugira account?
Tigo sugira is easy to open on your TigoCash account, dial *200*11# and what you only need is your national ID or Passport. It is safe, secure and absolutely no charges. 

What can you do with your Tigo Sugira Account?
·        Deposit as little as 1Rwf
·        No worries about Minimum balance
·        Check your balance at ANY Time
·        Withdraw your money at your convenience
What are the benefits of Tigo Sugira?
·        EARN the most competitive interest rate of 7% p.a. on all your deposits
         Interest is calculated based on your daily account balances
         Paid every quarter
         The more you save, the more you EARN in interest

How to open a Tigo Sugira Account?
Step 1: Dial *200*11# and choose Tigo Sugira
Step 2:  choose Register for Tigo Sugira
Step 3: Enter your national ID or passeport
Step 4: Enter your Tigo cash PIN
Step 5: SMS confirmation for your Tigo Sugira account
How to deposit money on Tigo Sugira?
Step 1: Dial *200*11# and choose Tigo Sugira
Step 2:  choose Send to Tigo Sugira
Step 3: Enter amount
Step 4: Enter your Tigo cash PIN
Step 5: SMS confirmation of your deposit on Tigo Sugira
How to withdraw money on Tigo Sugira?
Step 1: Dial *200*11# and choose Tigo Sugira
Step 2:  choose withdraw from Tigo Sugira
Step 3: Enter amount
Step 4: Enter your Tigo cash PIN
Step 5: SMS confirmation that you’re withdraw from Tigo Sugira
How to check your balance?
Step 1: Dial *200*11# and choose Tigo Sugira
Step 2:  choose Balance enquiry Tigo
Step 3: Enter amount
Step 4: Enter your Tigo cash PIN
Step 5: SMS confirmation of your balance on Tigo Sugira
Dial *200*11# and open Tigo Sugira account. Deposit today and WATCH your money GROW

Monday, May 4, 2015

Position: Software Architect

The Software Architect has complete ownership of the relationship between Factory and their dedicated portfolio of customers in the local operation.  Will be directly accountable individually for the entire life cycle of the multiple solutions under his/her responsibility, guaranteeing accuracy, quality and time line accomplishment.  His goal is to gain a complete understanding of his clients' needs and effectively communicate them to the software factories.

You are open-minded, passionate and the way you work energizes others. You are committed to the timely delivery of a job well done. You behave with integrity and transparency.

  • The Software Architect will be required to deliver End-to-End Solutions for the local operation organization in consultation with the Regional Architects.  Will work closely with marketing (Consumer), Sales (Go to Market), Customer Operation (Include Billing Operation) and others business areas, creating winning proposals and successfully delivering within budget.

  • The Software Architect will be responsible for planning, design and implementation of CSD solutions  and others IT platforms meeting standards and protocols for data exchange, communications, software and interconnection for information systems in consultation with the regional architects and CSD Manager.

  • The software Architect will define time, costs and quality constraints and then guide software factories and/or supplier to ensure integrity of the solution within these constraints. The software architect will be accountable for consistency and delivery of the entire solution.

  •  Will be responsible for complying with SOA architecture standards, continuously identifying areas of improvement in our Solutions Framework and taking initiatives to new approaches to optimize our existing processes.
  •  Will be responsible for ensuring that all development practices are in compliance with his employer's best practices policies and procedures in the respective operation.

  • The software Architect will be responsible for the tracking and maintaining all records and metric, he reports the project's progress to the CSD Manager.

  •  Will be responsible for identify the appropriate software architecture based on the requirements and design elements contained in a system specification.

  • The software Architect will be responsible for recording software architecture specific to the local operation in a software architecture document using use cases and the Unified Modeling Language (UML).
  • Bachelors and Master’s degree in Computer Science or related field (System Engineer, IS Engineer, Information Systems Engineer, IT Engineer, Network Systems Engineer)
  • Postgraduate and/or courses in Software Architecture will be an advantage
  • Minimum of 3 years’ experience working in the IT and Telco  industry
  • Understanding of project management principles.
  • At least 3 years of UML experience
  • Minimum 2 years’ experience in  Software development using software factory methodology and SOA Architecture (Telco preferably)
  • Experience in Business Processes for Telco (eTOM Model preferably)
  • Strong technical understanding of SOA (Service Oriented Architecture)
  • Expert Level in UML.
  • Strong knowledge and solid experience in Business Processes for Telco’s (eTOM Model preferably)
  • Expert Level  experience in Billing and VAS  System processes and applications (For Telco’s preferably)
  • Knowledge in developing and maintaining ITIL policies and procedures
  • Excellent Communication skills.

  • Management and leadership
  • Exceptional service and results orientation.
  • Superior analytical, evaluative, and problem-solving abilities.
  • Ability to work under pressure and time constraints
  • Excellent self-organization and self-direction in performance of tasks, including time management skills
  • Ability to set and manage priorities
  • Maintaining up-to-date knowledge of all technological advances is crucial
To apply, please follow the link below:
Deadline for Submission: 11/5/2015