Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Position : Head of Revenue Assurance

Monitor revenues, transactions and margins along the Revenue Life Cycle to minimize any intentional or unintentional leakages in a proactive manner. 
You are open-minded, passionate and the way you work energizes others. You are committed to the timely delivery of a job well done. You behave with integrity and transparency.
  • Set Strategy – Set the operations revenue assurance Strategy in line with the overall operation strategy and global revenue assurance strategy.  The strategy should cover people, processes and tools  

  • Improve level of Revenue Assurance - Develop a road map to improve revenue assurance maturity across all business units & ensure all revenue streams are covered.  Ensure a local revenue assurance policy exists in line with the global revenue assurance policy.

  • Risk Analysis - Analyze risks on revenue, cash and margins across the revenue life cycle and develop measures to mitigate identified risks  and ensure highest levels of leakage avoidance in line with industry best practices

  • Revenue Stream Assurance – Ensure End to End monitoring of revenues, transactions and margins along the revenue life cycle through the implementation of revenue assurance monitoring practices and tools, including but not limited to network, billing, product assurance, collection, sim box detection etc .  Ensure management is aware of the risks associated with all revenue streams, and follow-up on monitoring of risks and mitigating actions. Work closely with revenue recognition teams to ensure accurate information is provided for accounting purposes.

  • Value Addition- Ensure the Revenue Assurance function is constantly adding value by preventing leakages and recovering revenues and margins.

  • Prevent Fraud along the Revenue life cycle such as Sim Boxes and International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF)  – Ensure processes controls and alarms are in place to prevent and detect fraud along the revenue life cycle including but not limited to Sim boxes, IRSF, Spam SMS, PBX Hacking etc

  • Network and Billing Assurance – Improve network and billing assurance across all revenue streams including the ongoing monitoring of usage generation, processing , rating & billing of rated and free/packaged products for all revenue streams including but not limited to voice, data and Financial Services

  • Product Assurance –Ensure a robust product assurance process is in place to ensure quality products including accurate billing, rating and accounting.

  • Automation – Ensure automation plans are implemented across the revenue assurance function including the automation of key reconciliations, revenue assurance controls and alarms

  • Standardization – Ensure key reconciliations and revenue assurance processes are standardized as per global guidelines.  .  Ensure all standard alarms defined by the group including but not limited to IRSF, MFS, data etc. are implemented and monitored.

  • Key Reconciliations (Eg IN vs GL, MFS – platform vs Bank, Postpaid/Hybrid Receivables vs GL etc)  – Drive automation of reconciliations and monitor  reconciliations on a monthly basis to ensure all differences are fully reviewed and explained

  • Training – Ensure the revenue assurance team has adequate training to improve revenue assurance skills

  • Dashboard Alarms & KPI Monitoring - Monitor all revenue streams to proactively identify leakages through dashboards, KPIs and alarms.   

  • Ad Hoc Support - Trouble shoot and provide assistance to other teams to solve leakage related issues.
  • Technical/IT-Computer science/Finance Degree
  • Over 5 years’ experience  out of which 2 years in the telecommunications industry
  • At least 3 years previous revenue assurance, audit or risk management experience
  • Good Knowledge of the Telecommunications Industry and the Network
  • Knowledge of Database and Query Tools
  • Integrity
  • Technical Expertise
  • Audit Skills
  • Numerical and Analytical Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Ability to influence others
To Apply, Please follow the link below
Deadline for submission: 17/4/2015